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Tribute paid to Tajal Bewas

ISLAMABAD, Dec 14: Islamabad-based writers and intellectuals on Sunday paid tributes to a noted Sindhi poet, prose writer and former joint secretary (late) Taj Mohmmad Samo, alias, ‘Tajal Bewas’, who passed away a couple days ago in his home province Sindh.

A reference was held here in his memory under the aegis of Pakistan Intellectual Forum (PIF), Islamabad, in which considerable number of writers, poets and his voracious readers participated.

Speaking on the occasion Asadullah Mungrani said (late) Tajal Bewas was a distinguished poet, playwright, and prose writer of unique style.

“His poetry contains powerful imagery of our soil, sea and legends, and often expresses strong views on contemporary issues,” Mr Mungrani maintained.

Prof Dr Qasim Rind of Preston University, Islamabad, said Tajal was a born poet, and his poems were a natural art. “Indeed, he was a great artist and a great philosopher whose real talent was his simplicity,” he added.

Aftab Soomro said: “You just have to look at his poetry, to see his love of people, his romance with the soil of Sindh, his devotion to Shah Latif Bhitai and his deep sadness on the impacts of man on the world.”

Hashim Abro of the PIF said Tajal Bewas’ poetry made them see the world afresh or some new part of it.

“It makes us a little more aware of the deeper unnamed feelings to which we rarely penetrate. Poetry seems to come to him as naturally as the leaves of a tree,” he said.

Mr Abro further said Sindh mourned the death of this great poet who was a staunch believer of Shah Latif Bhitai, Sachal and Sami and ardent supporter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.

“I was deeply moved and touched by his beautiful poem — Sindh Monhji Ama (Sindh: My Mother) — which was written soon after his retirement from government service as joint secretary of the SECP,” Mr Abro said.
Source: Dawn