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Tribes to resist action against FM radio station in Bara

PESHAWAR, April 2, 2005: Various tribes in Khyber Agency have vowed that they would put tough resistance to political Administration if it tried to stop forcefully the operation of most popular illegal FM radio station functioning in Malik Din Khel area Bara sub-division.

Political Administration has given 10 April as deadline to the Malik Din Khel tribe a few days back asking it to stop the functioning of non-licensed radio station operating in their area otherwise it would take strict action against the said tribe under collective responsibility clauses of Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR) ranging from arrest of tribesmen and closure of shops and commercial areas.

Elders and Mashrans of various sub-tribes of Afridis including Bakhtiar Koki Khel, Khista Khan Zakha Khel, Abdul Ghafoor Shalober Qamber Khel, Hanan Ber Qamber Khel, Babu Jan Aka Khel and Amal Gul Malik Din Khel and others held a grand meeting here at kohi Sherhaider, Bara on April 01.

They discussed the warning and notice issued to Malik Din Khel tribe regarding FM radio station by the political administration and expressed full commitment to defend the radio station at any cost and advised political authorities to avoid the subject.

They condemned government for working against Islam and of depriving them to listen religious lectures aired through the radio station , which was operating only for the purpose to promote religious teachings among the masses.

It is worth mentioning here that political administration has banned three illegal radio stations out of six in Bara Khyber Agency so far . The three banned radio stations had owned by the two rivals Sheikh Mal Khel and Amer Bilmaroof Wanahi Anilmunkar a Taliban style organization.

While the third one was owned by Kamer Khel tribe. However the rest three stations, which are still functioning, are possessed by Malik Din Khel tribe operating in Kohi Sherhaider while the remaining two are being run by Qamber Khel tribe in Tirah Valley.

The Elders recalled a grand jirga of all tribes living in Khyber Agency on 8 April to finalize a uniform policy towards the FM radio station. The lectures of well-known religious scholar Mufti Muneer Shakir are aired through the controversial radio station.
Source: Frontier Star