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Tortured wireless operator brought to Karachi for treatment from Thatta

KARACHI: An operator at the police wireless and “Madadgar 15” control room in Thatta has been brought to Karachi for treatment by his family after he was tortured severely by two SHOs and three other policemen who were in an inebriated condition, his relatives said Wednesday.

On Sunday night, wireless operator Imran Ali Sheikh was on duty at the control room of the district police officer in Makli. His job is to convey the messages of the DPO to the policemen on patrol in the area and to inform the DPO about their positions in the field and other information. According to Sheikh’s relatives, as per routine he inquired about the position of Thatta SHO Agha Salahuddin upon which Keenjhar SHO Ghulam Mohammad Zardari responded that they were at Gulistan Farm, which is located in the jurisdiction of Gharo Police Station. Sheikh conveyed this information to the DPO. After that Sheikh reminded the two SHOs that they return to their jurisdiction. Upon this, SHO Keenjhar abused and threatened Sheikh that he would reach the control room to “teach [him] a lesson” so that he would not be able to record their actual positions. Later, he and SHO Thatta and other policemen stormed the wireless control room and attacked the operator.

The two SHOs started abusing and threatening Sheikh, took off their belts and started thrashing him. One police constable held Sheikh back from defending himself and then they dragged him out of the office and bundled him into a police mobile unit. From there they took him to an isolated place near the sub-jail by around 10pm. A constable identified as Mir Muhammad asked the SHOs to not to beat Sheikh but to no avail.

Then they took him towards Thatta from Makli and Sheikh shouted for help on the way. After more than half an hour he was brought to the Thatta police station where he was also beaten. In the meantime, the taluka police officer (headquarters) Ghulam Nabi Keerio arrived at the police station. He asked the policemen to remove Sheikh’s shackles but he did not stop them from beating him. Later, on the intervention of a local journalist Abbas, Sheikh was taken to Civil Hospital. But due to a lack of medical facilities his relatives decided to bring him to Karachi. They have appealed the prime minister, the governor and the chief minister.
Source: Daily Times