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Timely payment of media workers’ salaries urged

Marri advises private sector, govt departments to establish crèches and day care centres for children of workingwomen

KARACHI: Sindh Infor-mation Minister Shazia Marri has urged the media organisation, particularly the television channels, to ensure regular and timely payment of salaries to their workers.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday evening to pay tribute to the participants of the struggle labour rights in May 1886, he also urged the private sector as well as government departments to establish crèches and day care centres for children of workingwomen.

“This is prerequisite for our sound future which demands not only healthy individuals but also economically empowered women,” said the minister.

The minister said it was pro-labour mindset of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) that led to introduction of worker friendly policies not only for industrial workers but also for farmers and those associated with informal sector.

“Our government is committed to formalization of informal sectors so as to protect the rights of workers with particular focus on improved working conditions and protection of all due rights of employees,” she said.

Sindh information minister stated that since PPP government is a party of masses therefore equal attention is being made to educate the masses about their responsibilities towards the society in general and towards their respective professions.

“Our party since its inception has attempted to maintain a balance between rights and responsibilities of the workers and therefore while protecting their rights also attempt to create an environment in which the workers may realize their responsibilities with optimum peace of mind,” said Marri.

The minister said the opponents of PPP, with particular reference to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz couldn’t be forgotten for their anti-workers’ policies. “How can anyone forget that Nawaz Sharif had dismissed 7,000 employees from United Bank Ltd in one single day and later Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf’s government privatised the bank,” she said.

The minister said both these measures were sequel to a particular mindset that was more inclined towards protection of rights of the resourceful sections at the cost of resourceless.

On the contrary, she said the PPP government had repealed the ‘Removal from Service (Special Powers) Ordinance 2000’ that led to job insecurity among government sector employees. Similarly she said Industrial Relations Ordinance 2002, that restricted trade unions, was also repealed.

Marri enacted the Sacked Employees Reinstatement Bill 2010 and after thorough scrutiny 6,000 employees have been reinstated, while other cases are under due process. “The Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme is also one of the major achievements of the current government,” she said.

The minister mentioned that under the scheme 12 percent government share in state run enterprises are to be given to the employees free of cost, through employees trust created for the purpose.

With reference to enactment of Industrial Relations Ordinance 2008 the minister said this has revived labor appellate tribunals for speedy disposal of labor disputes.

“Moreover, through the Service Tribunals (amendment) Act 2010, we restored the rights of public entities, to approach labor courts, labour appellate tribunals and the National Industrial Relations Commissions,” said the minister.

She said it was the PPP government that adopted a strict stance against child and bonded labour, ensuring that workers between 14 to 18 years may not get engaged in hazardous work or environment with adverse implication on their physical and moral development.

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