Three shows on first day of children’s film festival -
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Three shows on first day of children’s film festival

Pakistan Press Foundation

LAHORE: Up to 1,500 children attended the first day of 7th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival of 2015 at Alhamra Art Centre and Cinepax on Monday.

Children appreciated films ‘Daughter of an Ocean from United States’, and ‘Baroque n Roll from Canada’.

The film ‘Daughter of an Ocean’ is about remembering the story of a fish told by her mother to daughter ‘Sonni’ who realises that the story is not just about little fish who wants to live freely, but is meant for her to understand that she should live her life with freedom.

The other film was ‘Baroque n Roll from Canada’. The film is about a young child, an immigrant and is rejected because of his different ways and unusual clothing but eventually is accepted by other kids when he impresses them with his bravery and resourcefulness.

The shows at Cinepax were attended by the studnets of Lahore Grammar School Johar Town, Junior Girl, Bloomfield Hall of Johar Town, Beaconhouse Senior Girls Branch, Johar Town, Army Public School of Azam Garrison, and Lahore School of Learning.

The shows in Alhamra were attended by the students of Rising Star Elementary School, SOS Children’s Village, and Ghani Welfare Foundation School of Shahedra.

Three shows were held in Alhamra on the first day and nine shows in Cinepax in three of its cinema halls.

Children also participated in the question and answer session after film shows and talked about various characters, situations and stories of the films.

Regarding ‘Baroque n Roll from Canada’, children said they liked the film very much as being friends with other people, things could be very easy for them.

The students of schools by nonprofit organisations for under-privileged experienced the films in the inclusive environment. Children with disabilities faced difficulties in reaching the auditorium.