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Threat On Media Owners

Threatening pamphlets continue to harass Dir people

DIR: Police are still clueless about elements responsible for issuing threatening letters and pamphlets to barbers and video shop owners. After barbers, hotel owners and nurses, now fresh threatening letter have been issued to public call offices (PCOs) and mobile phone sellers for displaying “obscene” pictures to attract customers. A pamphlet was dropped at Badshah Zada PCO here. The two-page pamphlet reads: “You have been committing a great sin by displaying obscene pictures. Your business can grow without these pictures, then what is the need for their display?” However, the pamphlet asked the PCO owners to remove the “obscene pictures”, otherwise millions of losses would be inflicted on them.
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Video Shop owners fear attack

The local administration of the federal capital has withdrawn police force deployed at Aabpara market to protect video/audio CD’s shop owners from possible attack or action by religious students and supporters of Lal masjid, it has been observed. The sudden disappearance of police personnel from the market has brought back a sense of insecurity among the owners of CD shops as the one month deadline given by hardliners of lal Masjid to wind up business ended this week.

Ultimatum to close Video Shops

Unknown people have displayed a warning pamphlet in commercial areas to close the business of audio / video CD’s. The ultimatum for three days have been given to all business community dealing in Music CD’s and Music shop owners to close business or be ready for severe circumstances. In Shabqader, threatening pamphlets had been sent to net café owners to close cafes before May 30. Owners of net cafes are asked to close internet café and switch to some other business.
Source: The News/ Dawn / Aaj