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The truth behind the YouTube ban


Everybody knows that YouTube has been banned in Pakistan due to some blasphemous content. The people still do not know if the popular video sharing site has been banned because of blasphemous content alone or whether that was just a pretext to get the site closed down. Now I wish to share some facts about what is really behind the ban. Some major entertainment channels broadcast an excellent variety of dramas on primetime but viewership is decreasing by the day due to shortage of time.

This does not mean that the current dramas are not superior — the reality is something else entirely. Viewers have started to watch dramas via the internet. On the internet, viewers do not need to wait for ads, being able to watch entire episodes without enduring long breaks. Due to this, the proceeds for entertainment channels have been miserable because of a shortage of ads and these channels are financially spiralling. The image graph is also decreasing. On the other hand, some channels have started a new trend where they show Turkish dramas to save on their budget and increase ratings via glamourous television.

I wonder whether this broadcasting of Turkish dramas is the right decision and, in the light of these revelations, whether YouTube really will be opened again after the blasphemy content has been filtered. You must figure out these answers on your own.

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