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The Donkey King: People will remember Geo film for a long time

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KARACHI: So many people and personalities who watched Geo animated film The Donkey King remark that it is a wonderful animated movie that breaks all the history of animated films of Pakistan. Latest from Box office collection report indicated that film had earn 4 crore rupees. Group President Geo Television Network Imran Aslam said that children should also watch this film, elders should also follow. They should come again and again because in the end the donkey is the winner.

Senior anchor Shahzeb Khanzada said I recommend that the entire Pakistan should watch this film. CEO Star com Rehan Merchant said that script, message and the thought process of the film is not yet followed in Pakistan. I have never seen such type of intelligent conversation even in American animated films. Senior actor Ghulam Mohiuddin said in his remarks that it is a very interesting film. The content is so good that people will remember it for a long time. Another senior actor Mahmood Aslam said, my children convinced me to go to the cinema house. It has too much charm for the children. Music is too good. Former cricketer Shahid Afridi’s daughters said the songs were excellent, we felt good after watching the film, when more of these films are produced children will prefer to watch movies with their parents and spend good time together.

Comedian Faisal Qureshi said elders will also enjoy the film with children. Families who go with their kids will not get bored. Parents will also adore the movie. Danish Taimoor (Actor) said the film is marvelous and entertaining. Sound, animation, everything is mind-blowing. Actress Hira Maani said in her remarks that this film has proved that quality animation is possible in Pakistan. The funny thing in the film is that a kingdom has been given to a donkey. The topic is very exciting. Actress Sahiba said I am proud to say that this film has been produced by our country. It gives a powerful message that the king is one who takes care of his people and he has practically done it. I liked the idea.

Actor Ahsan Khan remarked that rather staying home on weekend I will ask them to go watching this film with their children. Comedian Shaffaat Ali said a dialogue in the film. “Beta hum gadhay hain aur InshAllah gadhay hi rahain gay” is amazing. My son was dancing non-stop during the film. He kept dancing on every track. One item number could be seen on the big screen while the other continued on my lap.

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