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The Democrats panel sweeps polls, retains control over KPC

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The Democrats retained their control over the Karachi Press Club (KPC) as all candidates of the panel secured a decisive victory in the Elections 2017 on Saturday.

It was the seventh consecutive win for The Democrats, who have been victorious since 2011, showing the confidence and trust of members of the press club in particular and the journalist fraternity in general in them.

Of the 1,000 registered voters of the KPC, 729 voters cast their votes. The polling started at 9am and continued till 5pm without any interruption. The Democrats candidate for the seat of the KPC secretary, Maqsood Ahmed Yousufi, who is the Editor of Daily Nai Baat, secured 497 votes and was declared successful. His opponent, Aamir Shaikh, of the Journalists Panel, managed to secure 177 votes. A third candidate for the slot, Shah Waliullah, got only 32 votes.

Siraj Ahmed of The Democrats panel polled 464 votes and became president of the KPC for the first time, while his opponent, Abid Hussain, received 225 votes. Chand Nawab, who was also running for this position, secured only 22 votes.

Syed Minhaj ur Rab of winning panel secured 425 votes and was elected as vice president the press club for the first time. His opponent, Riaz Ahmed Sohail, could manage to get 217 votes. Two other candidates for the VI slot, Yousuf Ghazali and Mukhtar Ahmed, received 38 and 21 votes respectively.

Moosa Kaleem of The Democrats panel was the highest vote-taker as he bagged 518 votes to be elected treasurer of the KPC. His opponents, Tahir Noor and Iqtidar Anwer, polled 163 and 30 votes respectively.

Naimat Khan of The Democrats bagged 464 votes and was elected joint secretary of the club. His opponent, Mairaj Fatima, secured 194 votes only. Another candidate, Mahmood Riaz, acquired only 45 votes.

All the seven candidates of The Democrats panel were elected members of the Governing Body of the KPC, with Saeed Sarbazi getting the highest 501 votes, Shams Keerio 498 votes, Jawed Asghar Chaudhry 491 votes, Arif Hussain Hashmi 459 votes, Muhammad Hanif Akbar 422 votes, Suhail Rafiq 402 votes and Liaquat Ali Khan 399 votes.

The KPC Elections 2017 were followed by a General Council meeting, chaired by the outgoing body, which presented its report based on the activities and achievements they had in 2016.

Sweets were distributed by supporters soon after the KPC Election Committee, an independent body of academicians and public relations experts, announced the results.  The losing Journalists Panel congratulated the victorious panel on their massive victory.

KUJ-Dastoor Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, Joint Secretary M. Waqar Bhatti, Qazi Yasir, Hamid-ur-Rehman and other leaders of their allies, including Irshad Khokhar and Imtiaz Faran, thanked the KPC members for their confidence in The Democrats and vowed that the newly-elected office-bearers would try their best for the betterment of the press club by providing all possible facilities to the members in particular and the journalist fraternity in general.

The newly elected secretary of the Karachi Press Club, Maqsood Ahmed Yousufi, thanked the KPC members for reposing their confidence in him and assured them that he would strive hard for making the press club a better place for journalists, would work for the earliest construction of homes in journalist colonies in LDA and MDA, and would focus on improving the facilities for the working journalists.

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