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The boy is mine but whose girl is this?

FAISALABAD: Two families briefly locked horns on Wednesday to claim a newborn boy at a public hospital when two women gave births simultaneously; one to a baby girl and the other to a baby boy.

While both families refused to own the newborn girl, hospital authorities decided to get DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) mapping of both newborns to ascertain their parentage.

Sajida, of Sadhar, and Raheela, of Samundri Road, were brought to the labour ward of the District Headquarters hospital on Tuesday. The families of both women claim that paramedics had informed them they had been bestowed with a boy. This prompted celebrations in both families as Pakistani society regards male issues a gift from God.

After a few minutes, paramedics, however, realized their mistake and after going through the record, they informed Sajida that the baby girl belonged to her. Sajida’s family, however, insisted on getting the male issue.

The matter was referred to Medical Superintendent Dr Mukhtar Randhawa who recorded the statements of both families.

Dr Randhawa said the issue seemed resolved as the baby girl had been handed over to Sajida and the boy to Raheela while blood samples of the parents of both newborns had been obtained to ascertain the parentage of the newborn for DNA testing. He said hospital staff tagged newborns immediately after the birth and the brawl had stemmed from a “mere misunderstanding”.
Source: Dawn