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Telecom Asia 2002 moot from Jan 29

LAHORE- National and international experts, professionals, and business strategists in the field of telecommunication and information technology (IT) will present their research papers in ‘Telecom Asia 2002’, a two-day event comprising a conference and state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment exhibition scheduled to be held in Lahore from January 29, 2002.

‘Experts would deliberate on the current status of deregulation and privatization of the telecommunication sector in Pakistan and Asian region, impact of deregulation and privatization on tariff structure, profitability, investment cost effectiveness of telecom products and services and revenue state of different sub-sectors including mobile, landlines, payphones, satellite telecommunication,” Mian Fazal Ahmed, chairman of the organizing committee of the conference, said.

Experts from United States, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Middle East, and many European countries, besides Pakistan, would also submit papers on training requirements of personnel, quality and productivity of service sector, technical manpower growth and utilization, role of research and development, enforcement of standards and deregulatory functions.

These experts would also find ways and means of providing Pakistan’s consumers with cheaper telecommunication options, and would deliberate on how to develop a competitive and balanced market after privatization of telecommunication sector in Pakistan, he added.

This international event is being organized jointly by Development Times, a local periodical, and Institute of Telecommunication Engineers Pakistan (Instep). Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is extending technical cooperation for this event.

Engr. Mian Muhammad Javed, President of Instep, heads the technical committee while the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), Akhter Ahmed Bajwa, leads the international coordination committee

Fazal said that the objectives of this conference and exhibition are to provide opportunities for an updated review of telecommunication and relevant IT advancements in Pakistan and Asian Region vis-à-vis the global challenges involved in deregulation and privatization.

He said that internet service providers (ISPs), IT experts, telecom service providers, telecom network operators and manufacturers, both from Pakistan and abroad, would pool their expertise to develop a new framework and evolve proposals for meeting the challenges ahead.

“Pakistan being the country which has the highest growth potential in the region would be the focal point of discussions as it could prove the biggest emerging market in coming years,” he added.

Source: Business Recorder