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Those who tap journalists’ phones are behind attack: Hamid Mir

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ISLAMABAD: Geo News senior anchor Hamid Mir Saturday said that he was again given threats of attack and was being urged to leave the country.

Talking to BBC Urdu from the hospital where he is under treatment after deadly attack, Hamid Mir said that that he considered that an ISI within the ISI was responsible for attack on him.

It is Hamid Mir’s first interview to any channel after the attack on him in Karachi.

He said that he was struggling against the wound he had received in the gun attack on him but at the same time, he was receiving admonishing messages from different quarters. He said that first he was ‘advised’ to leave Karachi and later he was asked to leave the country. He said that it appeared he had to fight a long battle against the inimical forces as was clear from the threats he was receiving.

On the question from where he was receiving the threats, the senior journalist said that the people came in the garb of friends and gave messages of the enemies. He said that he was given messages that Pakistan was no longer safe for him and he should leave the country as he could again be attacked.

He said that a very responsible person came to him on Friday and informed him that he would again be attacked.

He said that the people who were giving him the threats had been part of the military establishment, and the messages he is getting are of different kind.

He said the elements watching movement of journalists in the country and taping the phone calls were responsible of the attack on him. “Only these elements can have information that on which flight and at what time will Hamid Mir reach Karachi; what particular car will pick him from the airport; at what time he will leave the airport so that he could be attacked. These elements also made it possible that attack should take place at a point where CCTV does not work,” he said.

Hamid Mir said he is actually pointing towards presence of “ISI within ISI”. He said he mentioned in his live programme about one Major Wajahat and the phone number through which he called me, and all concerned knew it. It is most perturbing that the government-banned Taliban Jihadi groups at present were staging protest demonstrations in favour of the ISI, he said.

Hamid Mir said that “who these banned organisations belong to that are protesting against me and in favour of ISI? Whether these are ‘ISI within ISI’ or not”?

To a question that if he considers these elements responsible of the attempt, whether he had mentioned their names in the FIR, Mir said he issued the same statement to the media as well as police, adding that “the police officer who visited me, tried to play drama with me… I put the same question to him that you are asking me. I asked him that ‘why don’t you want to collect evidence? I have the whole background’. He said that we should be limited to this context only.”

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