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Talk shows are farcical

PAKISTANI politics has always been in turmoil. It has been subjected to critical views all round the globe by hundreds of television channels in every language.

Every channel hosts many talk shows, not only in Urdu but in many other regional languages as well.

Nevertheless this kind of politics has given a boost to talk shows in recent years. With the increase in quantity, a decrease in quality can now be seen.

Day and night, almost after every news bulletin, a talk show is hosted in which renowned people are invited to ponder over a current issue.

Pointless talks and over-criticism, including baseless arguments, have become a bane of these talk shows.

This is affecting the viewpoint of a normal Pakistani who after a long and tiring day wants some quality news and views.

The talk shows in recent times are lacking their true purpose. With such a strong medium of communication at their disposal, it is their job to be neutral in every aspect and refrain from unnecessary details.