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Taliban allow foreign journalists to visit Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD- Taliban have allowed foreign journalists to visit Afghanistan to see if them is any terrorist camp.

“Foreign journalists will be welcome here if they want to know about our claims that civilian targets have been hit and that there are no training camps here. These journalists can contact our Islamabad- based embassy or our Peshawar consulate for that purpose. We will ensure their security in Afghanistan. Governor Nangarhar and Chief Administrator Eastern Zone, Maulvi Abdul Kabeer told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

He said that the claims of the US and its allies that they are only targeting the centers of the former Arab Mujahideen and the military installations of the Taliban is not believable because civilian people have also received losses in these operations. In Torghar area form Jalalabad to Kabul district, only civilian people are residing and there are no Mujahideen sites there. However, bombardment has been made on houses there and accordingly to the injured people brought here, some 200 people have been martyred while 16 injured have been brought to Jalalabad.

Maulvi Kabeer said that there are countless former jihad centers The Afghan Jihad was an international Jihad as Muslims from different countries had come here and lived in various areas of Afghanistan.

If they call every residing place of the Jihad era as terrorist camp, then the entire of Afghanistan is a terrorist training camp.

Asked why the Taliban are not closing these training camps the Governor said that this is a baseless Allegation. “We have kept certain Taliban and Mujahideen at some sites, which are very important for us and the reports about the training camps for foreigners are totally baseless. The world people can come here and see that,” he added.

Source: Business Recorder