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Facebook and our youth

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If you have safety check on your children signed in social networks like twittering, Facebook, whatsapp and viber… you may shock of your life. While we are social media enthusiasts and addicted to networking, we still believe that use of social media by the youth needs some careful steps. Facebook is a top social networking […]

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No plan to restrict Facebook, Skype after 3G auction

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ISLAMABAD: The government holds no plan to restrict important services such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype after spectrum auction of multi-billion dollars 3G and 4G technologies in Pakistan, official sources confirmed to The News on Friday. The Cellular companies are worried about streams of their cash-inflows in terms of their voice services as increased […]

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Tackling illegal web traffic

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THESE days telecommunications and Internet Protocol (IP) in Pakistan are challenged by our regulatory authority that is blocking websites. The authority has blocked more than 1,300 mobile SIMs and 3,160 phones/devices through their International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers during the last month and, importantly, over 200,000 IP addresses after the installation of grey traffic monitoring […]

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Pakistan’s cyber dilemma

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Our leaders are a group of professional thinkers and planners. This has been proved by the ridiculous plans that they come up with to curtail terrorism. Everyone had laughed at our ex- Interior Minister Malik for suddenly closing down cellular phone services whenever ‘HE’ thought the country was at risk, I am sure he took […]

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Ban it like it’s hot

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Despite popular belief, it appears that Rehman Malik wasn’t the only one with a vendetta against communication services; it’s the whole of the PPP. The Sindh government’s decision to ban Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Tango is just another illustration of the country’s ‘just-ban-it’ approach towards matters. They say that once you taste blood, it’s hard […]

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Of course, I support the ban on Skype, Viber

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By: Jahanzaib Haque These are crazy times we live in. We are in this war against bloodthirsty, tech-savvy terrorists for the long haul, no holds barred. This fact must be drilled into naive minds who believe a violation of fundamental rights like freedom of expression, right to information and privacy are a gross overstep by […]

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Targeting social media for terrorists

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What will Sindh government ban next? Using motorcycles? Apparently, in all the banning that goes on, a certain class is constantly being targeted. Earlier they did it in the whole country, and now luckily for the rest of the country, they only can do so in Sindh. Ban on pillion riding, ban on Youtube, ban […]

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Provincial government decides 3-month ban on social networks for security reason

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The provincial government of Sindh province on October 3 recommended a 3-month ban on messaging and social networks ostensibly for security reason. The provincial government recommended to the federal government a temporary three-month ban on instant messaging and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, including Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and Tango, in Sindh to deprive terrorists […]

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