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Jaun Elia – popular but not great

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KARACHI: Among the many tributes and eulogies that flooded social media after the APS attack in 2014 was actor Ahsan Khan’s Facebook post. Ab nahi koi baat khatray ki, ab sabhi ko sabhi sae khatra hai (There’s nothing left to be scared of, for everyone is scared of everyone), said the post. It was nothing out of […]

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literary notes: Urdu translation of Iqbal’s essay on Bergson and Bedil

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This year, too, as usual, quite a few books on Iqbal have appeared. But to pay tribute to Iqbal on his birth anniversary, falling on Nov 9, a brief intro to the new edition of a book, consisting mainly of an essay by Iqbal on Bergson and Bedil, would be befitting. It is quite rare […]

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Delhi’s masters of Urdu poetry remembered at book launch

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KARACHI: Saif Mahm­ood is not just a poetry and literary critic but a prominent Indian lawyer — an advocate of the Supreme Court of India — who loves the Urdu language. His book Beloved Delhi — A Mughal City and Her Greatest Poets was launched in Karachi in a session that was held at The […]

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Literary notes: Urdu’s first essay writer and Sir Syed’s selected essays

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Dr Jameel Jalibi thinks it was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. In his Tareekh-i-adab-i-Urdu, or history of Urdu literature, Dr Jalibi has mentioned Sir Syed as “pioneer of the genre essay writing in Urdu literature” (vol. 4, page 874). But in the same book Dr Jalibi admits that “when Sir Syed began writing essays, he benefited […]

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Jo Dil Nikle to Dumm Nikle launched

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KARACHI: A collection of Urdu short stories titled Jo Dil Nikle to Dumm Nikle written by Dr Shershah Syed was launched at the T2F on Thursday evening. Pointing out the salient features of the stories included in the book, distinguished scholar Karan Singh said they reminded him of an Urdu verse ‘Sarsari tum jahaan se […]

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National, regional languages on the (LLF) cards

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LAHORE: The Lahore Literary Festival 2016 has come up with a diversified schedule for its upcoming edition starting on Feb 19. There will be 16 sessions on the national and regional languages and literature, making it an attraction for the audiences from Urdu and Punjabi readers. The LLF will miss Intizar Husain who was a […]

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‘Women get affected by wars most’

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KARACHI: The story of this novel is a kind of feminist protest against the horrors of war. The characters put forth the argument that it is the women who get affected most by wars. This was said by renowned Indian novelist and former vice chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi Hindi University Vibhuti Narain Rai while […]

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Urdu translation of century-old work published

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KARACHI: A highly critical French work on the history of Urdu has been published for the first time in the Urdu language by the Pakistan Study Centre of Karachi University (KU), it emerged on Monday. Titled Tareekh Adabiat-i-Urdu, the book was researched by Orientalist scholar Garcin De Tassy and initially published in the French language […]

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Urdu, the most adaptive language in the world — II — Fairworld 101

The language of Urdu with its huge literary database as compared to its near vicinity languages has all the traits of being compatible with many languages of the world Needless to say that while humans like to divide or differentiate themselves based on their languages or dialects or accents or vocal variations, many more ways […]

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پاکستانی ذرائع ابلاغ کا ہفت روزہ جائزہ (جلد 11 شمارہ (7)

(2 2فروری تا28 فروری 2013ء کے اخبارات کا جائزہ) صحافت شمالی وزیرستان میں جنگ اور جیو کے نمائندے ملک ممتاز فائرنگ سے شہید (لاہور )شمالی وزیر ستان کے علاقے میرانشاہ مین جیو نیوز کے نمائندہ ملک ممتاز کو دہشت گردوں نے فائرنگ کرکے شہید کردیا ۔ وہ قریبی گاؤں میں تعزیتی کے لئے گئے تھے […]

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