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Reviving ethical journalism

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Perhaps never before was such an urgency of a “New Media Order” (NMO), not merely because of public criticism but because a strong section within the media now strongly feels that ‘ethical journalism’ has become a major casualty, particularly after the rise of the electronic media. But the question is what kind of NMO is […]

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BOL News: PEMRA conceals facts, says Agha Shahid

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LAHORE: The petitioner in BOL News case, Agha Shahid Rasheed, has alleged that PEMRA deliberately concealed many facts while deciding the fate of the licence issue and overlooked several specific points during the proceedings of “personal hearing”. PEMRA had announced its decision on Monday, saying no irregularity had been committed while transferring the licence of […]

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Karachi Electric Supply Company not paying TV license fee to PTV

By: GHULAM ABBAS Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), which collects over Rs 70 million as TV license fee every month, is not paying the same to Pakistan Television Corporation (PTVC). The company, according to sources, is defaulting on accumulated amount of over Rs 600 million as on December 2012. KESC charges an average Rs 35 […]

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