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Retuning television

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Early in the millennium, the private television channels in Pakistan brought a new trend of news bulletins and current affairs talk shows. This no-holds-barred freedom in the post 9/11 environment heralded in its stride undesirable trends alongside positive ones. In response to viewers’ appetite for independent news and bold analyses, the channels aired round the […]

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‘Breaking News’ at breakneck speed

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When was the last time we saw breaking news on our television channels? Well, we do not have any idea about that because these days every news story has become ‘breaking news’. The concept of breaking news came with the privatization of various channels in Pakistan. I remember that when it was only one channel; […]

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Pemra’s Valentine

WHETHER or not it is only a minority that is protesting against Valentine’s Day celebrations, the impact on the media watchdog in the country has been telling. A day ahead of the event, on Wednesday, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority asked the television channels to “avoid offending religious sentiments and corrupting the nation’s youth […]

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