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‘Technology helping in overcoming disabilities’

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Speakers at a special children’s day programme held at the Arts Council on Thursday said that we are living in a jet-set era in which every day technological achievements are taking place in various fields, due to which people with disabilities are now able to participate in every activity. The event was organised by the […]

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The generation of Pakistanis that grew up just as the information technology revolution reached Pakistan in the early 1990s is now moving and shaking the country. But while the early 1990s were about the transition from Commodore 64 to Nintendo and Sega consoles, a new Pakistan is being built by 200 million people in Pakistan […]

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System to check smuggled mobile phones to start on Dec 2

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced that Dec 1 is the deadline after which it will implement its new mechanism to counter the spread of smuggled mobile phones in the country. The PTA maintains that it has developed a system using indigenous technology — the Device Identification Regis­tration and Blocking System (DIRBS) — […]

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Pak cyber security and cyber crime

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The present era has now become dependent of IT based facilities. It is an amazing fast and continuous development in multidimensional communication both in audio and video. The international community has become highly dependent of this new technology but at the same time the criminals have also invented the faster technique of hacking to commit […]

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Campaign: P@SHA launches Digital Pakistan 2020

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KARACHI: Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) Chairman Syed Ahmad announced the launch of ‘Digital Pakistan 2020’ campaign at the 3rd Grand Tech Executive Meet-up. The event was part of an on-going series to unite top tech executives in the industry with young and emerging start-ups to collectively address issues the industry is facing. The campaign […]

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Facebook stops using Flash for video

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Washington: Facebook has stopped using Adobe’s Flash technology to show video across the entire social network. Instead Facebook has developed a video player built around the widely used HTML5 technology. Games on Facebook would still use Flash, it said, but it was looking into ways to change those too. The site is one among many […]

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Auto development plan: Govt looks to enforce global safety, environmental rules

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ISLAMABAD: In order to avoid the threat to human life posed by low-quality locally assembled cars and improve environmental standards, the government will adopt international regulations to address some of the consumers’ concerns. Under the proposed automotive development plan for the next five years, the government will also address the issue of safety and reliability […]

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