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Internet giants changing cultural landscape, says Unesco

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ISLAMABAD: The world’s cultural landscape has changed considerably with the rise of internet giants, which together with the explosion of social networks and digital revolution, are profoundly changing methods of production and dissemination of cultural goods such as music, film and books, Unesco says in a new report. The first global report evaluating the impact […]

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Love in the time of social media

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ISLAMABAD: How are online social networks today affecting true and sincere relationships? Technological development and the widespread use of internet-based technologies have changed the mode of communication. Traditionally, communication was done through the exchange of letters and limited telecommunication in the form of telephones. Now, the internet technology has paved the way for the development […]

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Internet turns 25

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On March 12, the internet will turn 25. More accurately, the form of internet that we know today will turn 25. Before March 1989, it was possible to transfer data between computers connected by a network. But websites, which make data more widely accessible, had not yet been developed. It was from a paper written […]

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Facebook phases in ‘Unfollow’ button

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Facebook Inc has replaced its “Hide All” button with the more succinct “Unfollow,” letting users block all messages and posts from selected friends. As with the previous button, it gives users the option of blocking content from certain people without offending them, say through de-friending. The latter alternative severs ties with that person on the […]

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