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Film’s team trolled: court asks FB to give data to FIA

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LAHORE: A special judicial magistrate has asked the security department of Facebook to provide the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) with details of an account allegedly involved in running a vilification campaign on the social networking website against production team of an upcoming film ‘Legend of Maula Jatt.’ Ms Ammara, a resident of DHA, filed a […]

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Thieves in cyberspace

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Their names may sound funny but their financial consequences are not: “Phishing,” “smishing,” “vishing” and “pharming” are just a few of the ways criminals gain access to personal information via your computer or smartphone. If you’re not careful, identity thieves can use harvested information to open fraudulent bank or credit card accounts, take out loans, […]

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Facebook, WhatsApp ranked most popular apps

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LAHORE: With the emergence of smart-phones and mobile internet, social networking tools Facebook and WhatsApp are ranked as the most popular among Pakistani youth, that has an over-powering urge to stay connected at all times. Facebook and WhatsApp are accessible through their respective applications depending on the handset model and the best part of these […]

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Voters use social media to slam rigging

Karachi: Live updates on the general elections appearing on popular social networking websites are an indication of how smartphones and the rising power of social media have provided everyone with a voice. By 5pm Saturday, the hashtag #NA250 was one of the top trends in the country on Twitter. The constituency saw a massive turnout […]

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Internet addiction

By: Dr Rabia Akhtar Our youth is facing a multitude of challenges in the present era. Internet addiction, excessive social networking and online relationships are a few. These things sneak up on them in a very subtle manner until they become the primary focus of their lives. They neglect their school, career and family members. […]

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Social media users in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Social media users in Pakistan are the haves as they are in the US and the UK. Just as in these other countries, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Thus, when it comes to social media, Pakistani internet users are treading the same path […]

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