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Social media addiction

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When we think of addicts, the picture that normally comes to mind is that of a gaunt man or woman, huddled in a corner, trying desperately to get his/her next fix of heroin. But addiction isn’t just about substance abuse. If a person engages in an activity (gambling, for instance) to the point where it […]

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Excessive use of social media

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By Muhammad Usama Ibrahim KARACHI: Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace can be enjoyable when used moderately. The problem is that they are frequently overused and often misused. With a few clicks, anyone on these websites can access anything we post or upload, including a prospective employer. Company managers often use Facebook as a […]

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How social media can prove to be a menace

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KARACHI: Social networking websites are now widely used by youngsters. According to a survey conducted by a youth centre, youngsters spend more than two hours every day visiting various social networking websites. There are many disadvantages of using them. Teenagers often only get hooked to social networking websites as these help them provide the latest […]

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The police and social media

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THE chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, recently urged policemen to utilise social networking sites to reach out to the public during emergencies. We have commonly seen that in developing societies the institution of the police lacks the initiative to make optimum use of technology and social media. Extremist groups fight simultaneously at the physical level […]

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Banning hatred

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The federal government, on November 18, issued directives to ban the dissemination of hate material over the social media. This follows the violent incident in Rawalpindi on Ashura Day, when nine persons were killed when marchers forming part of a procession went by a seminary and mosque. As curfew was clamped down in the city, […]

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Social media gets active

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RAWALPINDI: Many citizens think that denial of live coverage by the electronic media of Friday’s sectarian mayhem in the city saved the people from the worse. But, no denying, there were efforts to add fuel to the fire. Technology savvy religious zealots took to social networking websites to spread sectarian hatred, especially the Facebook and […]

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YouTube ban

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YOUTUBE ban continues in Pakistan in spite of several promises made by Rehman Malik, which are on record, to lift the ban within a few weeks. A good four months have passed since the ban. On YouTube, one could frequently see a great deal of region-specific content that can be accessed only in the specified […]

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