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Human Rights Defenders Coalition: Rights organisations join hands to confront threats

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HYDERABAD: Threatened by the killings of a number of rights activists in the country in the last three years, representatives of rights and advocacy-based non-profit organisations have joined hands to form the Human Rights Defenders Coalition. Following a consultative meeting attended by over three dozen representatives, a 12-member interim committee was formed to strengthen the […]

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Sindhis, Baloch still have ‘no right to information’

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Karachi: There is no denying the fact that both Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab took the lead in adopting the Right to Information (RTI) laws, but simultaneously a lack of attention by the Sindh and Balochistan lead to weak legislation, in both 2005 and 2006, which consequently resulted in a dire need of an overhaul of […]

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Shan Dahar case: Chief Secretary suspends two senior medical officers

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LARKANA: Chief Secretary, Sindh, Sajjad Saleem Hotiana has placed two senior medical officers of BS-18 under suspension in exercise of powers conferred under Section 4 of the Removal from Service (Special Powers),Sindh Ordinance, 2000. The names of the suspended doctors are Dr Abdul Ghaffar Kandhro, Incharge of Rural Health Center, Badah and Dr Ali Gohar […]

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Inefficient biometric system hampers SIMs’ activation

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KARACHI: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has failed to manage the Biometric SIM verification system accurately as new and duplicate SIMs’ activation has been drastically dropped by almost 75 percent in Sindh and Balochistan after enforcement of new rule from April 1, 2014, Daily Times has learnt. Recently Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) termed mandatory […]

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Project launched to strengthen women help centres

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KARACHI: Speakers at the launch of a project have said that only a close coordination between civil society organisations and government departments, including police and Citizens-Police Liaison Committee, can ensure protection to women against harassment and distress in urban and rural areas of Sindh. The ceremony was organised on Thursday by the women development department […]

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Prisoners in Sindh’s 24 jails cast vote through postal ballot

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KARACHI: There will be no polling on May 11 in Sindh prisons because the prisoners, like inmates all over the country, have already cast their vote through postal ballot. According to a source in the Karachi Central Jail, there has never been any regular polling in any of the country’s prisons except for referendums. So […]

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99 candidates for women’s 14 reserved NA seats in Sindh

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Karachi: The provincial election commission on Thursday completed the process of the scrutiny of nomination papers filed by different political parties for the National Assembly seats reserved for women in the province. According to the election commission, 99 nomination papers filed by women candidates for 14 National Assembly (NA) reserved seats of Sindh from different […]

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Man, women Killed over Karo-Kari

A father killed his daughter and a man for alleged illicit relations in village Ghulam Rasool within the limits of Lakha Road, Police Station on Monday. Gul Muhammad Brohi at tacked his 25-year old daughter Shazia and Hamza Brohi at a crop field in village Ghulam Rasool, Killing the both. The bodies were shifted to […]

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Tribute paid to Siraj

HYDERABAD, Feb 14: Describing Sirajul Haq Memon as a renowned scholar and author, speakers at a condolence reference said on Thursday that research must be conducted on the personality and literary works of Mr Memon for the benefit of the new generation. They said Mr Memon had great love and affection towards Sindh, its language […]

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Psychology of ‘honour killing’

KARO-Kari is a type of premeditated honour killing, which originated in rural and tribal areas of Sindh. The homicidal acts are primarily committed against women who are thought to have brought dishonour to their family by engaging in illicit pre-marital or extra-marital relations. To restore the so-called honour, a male family member must kill the […]

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Female education in Sindh

By: Abdul Razaque Channa What if you and I are uneducated, have never been to school, do not know how to send and receive text messages and are repeatedly called jahil (illiterate) and andha (blind)? Being illiterate may not kill a person but the feeling of being a jahil does, if not socially, then emotionally […]

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