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A show of colours to revive the ‘dead’ civilisation

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Instead of usual dusty plains, the Mound of the Dead was a palette of red, green and purple hues. At the world heritage site of Mohenjodaro, around 600 people, mostly ministers, diplomats and journalists, witnessed the sights and sounds of the long lost Indus Valley civilisation on February 1. Amid the sounds and lights, the […]

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Sindh festival 2014: Sindhi artisans craft their way into Karachi’s heart

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By: Sameer Mandhro KARACHI: Meet Sindh’s incredible craftswomen, who make colourful pieces for you and your home. From traditional Sindhi quilts to exquisitely handcrafted bed sheets, this is the first time that their work has been displayed on such a scale and their happiness at the exposure knew no bounds at the opening of the […]

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