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Rights activists commemorating Taseer’s death attacked

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LAHORE: A group of 10 baton-wielding men attacked a gathering of civil society members who were commemorating Salmaan Taseer’s death anniversary at the Liberty Roundabout on Sunday evening. They snatched and tore up pictures of Taseer and placards the activists were carrying. The men also beat up participants of the vigil. News of the attack […]

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“It’s not intolerance. I’d call it the age of glorification of ignorance”

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TNS caught up with Wusatullah Khan at BBC’s Karachi office to which he has been associated since 1991 at its Urdu Service section, and asked him if he saw any hope of turning around the narrative of intolerance that seems to be weighing us down. Khan has been writing a weekly column Baat se Baat […]

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Malala interrupted and the Khan surprised

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Malala interrupted and the Khan surprised Mohammed Tahseen, whom I fondly call Paa Taseen, is known to me since childhood despite us never having lived in the same city. Fundamentally, that is because of a shared political heritage between our families. He is a seasoned community development practitioner, peace campaigner and human rights activist. He […]

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