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Fighting for rights : ‘Pakistan Protection Act is violating basic human rights’

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KARACHI: The right to free and fair trial needs to be treated as a fundament right in Pakistan. It can be made possible through effective, transparent and evidence-based investigations. These views were expressed by speakers during a workshop, titled ‘Policy Recommendation to Strengthen Access to Justice through Fair Trial, Legal Aid and Community Paralegal in […]

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Civil activists raise their voice for a better society

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KARACHI: Civil society cannot work alone; it needs the support of the government, said Rabia of Oxfam International. “We are not claiming that we have brought any change, but we want to work towards making a better society.” She asked the government officials to extend their cooperation to work together for the rights of citizens. […]

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A pointless ban

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It has been a year and a half since the previous government decided to block YouTube, and the new government upon their arrival, issued a statement that the matter would be looked into, which is basically just another way of displaying their indifference and lack of knowledge on the issue. Internet censorship by the PTA […]

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Ordinance challenged in Supreme Court

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ISLAMABAD: The Protection of Pakistan (Amendment) Ordinance promulgated on Jan 22 for providing legal cover to enforced disappearances has been challenged before the Supreme Court. The joint petition, submitted by advocates Inamur Raheim and Tariq Asad on Monday, sought a declaration from the court that the legislation was a draconian law as it was inconsistent […]

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Politics of media and CJ

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Since the retirement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, the media campaign against him has become no-holds-barred. His sworn critics were the most sought after guests in talk shows supposed to sum up his tenure and, in special interviews, his vilest detractors were given a free hand to paint his legacy in morbid colours. With […]

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