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Journalists, civil society vow to protect democracy

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ISLAMABAD: Journalists, members of civil society organisations and traders on Wednesday maintained that the greatest threat to democracy always comes from politically sick-minded persons and pledged that they would go to every extent to protect democracy in the country. Addressing a ‘Pro-Democracy Camp’ set up in front of the National Press Club (NPC) by the […]

Protest against attack on journalist

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ISLAMABAD: Lambasting the deadly attack on the anchorperson, Raza Rumi, in Lahore, the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) and the National Press Club (NPC) criticised the Punjab government for their flawed security arrangements. The joint protest, held by the RIUJ and the NPC, demanded the Punjab government to constitute a special team to probe the […]

Candlelight vigil for victims of Quetta blasts

By: Ikram Junaidi ISLAMABAD: Human rights activists held candlelight vigil on Friday for the victims of Quetta blasts amid moving scenes. Some women activists were literally crying as they also lost their young colleague, Irfan Khudi Ali, during blasts in Quetta on Thursday, which mowed down around 110 children, men and women. Irfan Khudi Ali, […]