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Human Rights Day: ‘Rape survivors are assaulted a second time when they seek justice’

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KARACHI: A rape survivor is invariably assaulted for the second time when she steps out from her home to get justice, said an advocate fighting for such cases. “A survivor is raped a second time when she is questioned by the police. At every stage, she suffers and is not taken seriously,” said lawyer Asiya […]

Human Rights in Pakistan

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I have been accused by some friends, that my articles about Pakistan have always been negative. So, hoping to write something positive, I searched through the various local newspapers on the internet, for some upbeat news about Pakistan, but going through the newspapers for the past 3 years, most of the reports that I came […]

Of rape and DNA tests

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By: Ishrat Saleem The successful use of DNA testing to identify rapists and to exonerate the innocent has prompted activists in the US to campaign for clearing the backlog of forensic evidence that was collected in rape and murder cases Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is known as the ‘finger print of the 21st century’. Just like […]

Man gets 10 years for rape

The additional district and sessions court West sentenced a man to 10 years in jail in a rape case.Mohammad Shakeel was prosecuted for raping a Matric student in Mominabad. The prosecution said Shakeel, a rickshawdriver, provided pick and drop service to the survivor for school and raped her on August 11, 2008. Source: The News

Rape of minor Hindu girl taken up with Sindh CM

Usman Manzoor ISLAMABAD: After waiting and seeing that no government official has taken the issue of alleged rape of a six-year-old Hindu girl in Sindh seriously, the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Human Rights has tried to shake the conscience of the rulers who are duty-bound to give protection to each citizen irrespective of […]

9-year-old in critical condition after gang-rape

By Kashif Zafar BAHAWALPUR: A nine-year-old girl was taken to hospital after she was raped by three men on Wednesday. Doctors treating her said that she was in a critical condition. The medico-legal report confirmed rape. Airport police have registered a case against seven people for kidnap and rape, five of them have been named […]