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A moderate voice in Ramazan

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Different TV channels in Pakistan ran Ramazan programmes during the holy month. However, they provided very limited information on Ramazan, Islam and Pakistan. Instead, they appeared to be more like game shows with prizes. Ramazan was a great opportunity for our local media outlets to use Islamic teachings to guide the nation taking into consideration […]

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Ramzan: a month of television ratings

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In the light of this indecency and non-stop artificial religiosity, even God is going to celebrate Eid with the poor Pakistanis this year As soon as the official announcement about the commencement of Ramzan is made, people joyously start congratulating each other and the whole environment in Pakistan, without any exaggeration, is spiritually invigorated. Genuinely […]

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Geo prepares the best set to welcome Holy Ramazan

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RAWALPINDI: All the charms and enjoyment of life are subject to peace and law and order. This is a blessing for which the citizens have been yearning and praying for its revival. Against this background, Geo Network is taking the lead in launching “Aman Ramazan”, the biggest and most unique transmission on the auspicious occasion […]

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