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Tribute paid to Quresh Pur, Hasan Shaheed Mirza

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KARACHI: When scholar and celebrity TV host Quresh Pur died on Aug 5, there were hardly a dozen people who attended his funeral. But on Wednesday evening the Manzar Akbar Hall at the Arts Council Karachi, where a condolence reference for Quresh Pur and voiceover artist Hasan Shaheed Mirza (who passed away on Aug 3) […]

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Dust To Dust

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KARACHI: Quresh Pur spoke Urdu as if he was stringing his sentences together reading from the Farhang-i-Asifiya. Eloquence was his middle name. But it was not a matter of conscious articulation; his eloquence was rooted in erudition. He was a voracious reader. He knew his Gulistaan, Bostaan like the back of his hand and had […]

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Kasauti icon Quresh Pur passes away

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KARACHI: Quresh Pur, the host of Kasauti, arguably the most popular quiz show in the history of Pakistani television, passed away here on Monday afternoon after a protracted illness. He was 81. Quresh Pur was born in Bhopal, India. He did his graduation from India and migrated to Pakistan. A scholar in his own right, […]

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