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Campaign: P@SHA launches Digital Pakistan 2020

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KARACHI: Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) Chairman Syed Ahmad announced the launch of ‘Digital Pakistan 2020’ campaign at the 3rd Grand Tech Executive Meet-up. The event was part of an on-going series to unite top tech executives in the industry with young and emerging start-ups to collectively address issues the industry is facing. The campaign […]

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In fond memory: Remembering Sabeen, the person who made everyone laugh

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KARACHI: When people remember Sabeen Mahmud, the first memory they recall is how she made everyone laugh. “She had a sense of who people are and how they will react to the things she will say,” said Jehan Ara, the president of software house P@SHA. Jehan Ara admired that Sabeen could deal with all kinds […]

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‘IT sector should be government’s top priority’

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LAHORE: As the new pro-business government begins its tenure, P@SHA, the trade association representing the information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing sector, is hopeful that some key initiatives will be taken to ensure that the tech industry has the facilitation it needs to achieve phenomenal growth. Speaking at a board meeting in Lahore, P@SHA […]

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