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Following govt directions: Rawalpindi Arts Council looks to commercial events

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ISLAMABAD: With the provincial government claiming at every opportunity that its coffers are empty, it has decided to at least make its cultural centres self-sufficient, if not turn a profit. The Punjab government, under its Information Minister Fayyazul Hassan Chauhan, has devised a plan whereby arts councils in Rawalpindi, Murree and other parts of the province, […]

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Cost cuts in media

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ONE 24/7 news television channel has shut down. Many other news channels, big and small, are teetering on the brink: their advertising revenues have been falling for several months. The keyword in the (electronic) media these days is ‘rightsizing’. From camerapersons to producers to programme hosts — everyone’s job is on the line. Bureau offices […]

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Role of journalists vital for eliminating terrorism: CM

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LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said the country is facing numerous challenges and elimination of terrorism is at the top of the list and that all segments of society will have to play a role in the war against terrorism. He said the role of the journalist community was of vital importance for promoting […]

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YouTube: wanted urgently

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I REQUEST the federal and provincial caretaker governments to kindly lift the ban on YouTube. The entire nation is being deprived of a channel that provides so much information. If the government cannot reach an agreement with Google, in no way should the punishment be awarded to the citizens. It is the responsibility of the […]

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