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German jazz ensemble plays its ‘voice of the heart’

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ISLAMABAD:Jazz is no stranger to Pakistan, with ensembles travelling to the country for over 50 years. But all of the ensembles from different countries who have come through, have connected with the audience. The latest such band, Europe’s most prolific and Germany’s top-ranked jazz group Wolfgang Haffner and band explained just why this was so. […]

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Kamal Rizvi’s Khoya Hua Aadmi to be staged at Napa from 4th

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KARACHI: The next production to be staged at the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) will be Khoya Hua Aadmi written by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi as a tribute to the legendary actor and playwright, it was announced at a press conference on Monday. The play will be directed by Napa faculty member Khalid Ahmed, who […]

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Between forgiving and forgetting

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KARACHI: The Urdu version of Tom Wright’s play Lorelei performed by Sania Saeed at the Arts Council Karachi on Friday night was different from its English counterpart in more ways than one, first of which, of course, was the translation of the English text. Before that, a reminder of the story (based on actual events) […]

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Aapki Sonia to hit stage next month

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KARACHI: A theatre play ‘Aapki Sonia’ by renowned Indian playwright Javed Siddiqui will be performed from June 14 at Southend Club, announced its director Aly Khan while speaking at a press conference on Friday. Aly Khan, who can these days be seen in quite a few TV plays, started his speech by telling the media […]

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Aangan Terha being staged from today

KARACHI: A stage play based on the famous 1980s TV series Aangan Terha will be staged from Feb 8 at the Arts Council Karachi auditorium. This was announced by writer of the play Anwar Maqsood at a press conference at the Arts Council on Thursday. The play would last for 90 days. He said the […]

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