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Attack on media team

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THERE’S no argument that Pakistan is, for a variety of reasons, already amongst the most challenging of terrains for journalists to navigate. Even so, the events that took place during the PTI’s ‘shutdown’ of Lahore on Monday mark a new low; the media team of Geo TV, whose management PTI leader Imran Khan has in […]

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Conflict narratives and media complicity

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The fiercest political confrontation in some years is playing out in Pakistan. Political ambitions, careers, mandates and jobs are at stake. And the pitched battles, which have spilled over from the realm of sound bites into physical violence, is underpinned by real-time sensationalist rhetoric and hysterical, rebellious narratives. Facilitators of this rhetoric and narrative are […]

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Can Pakistan become less dangerous for women?

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By: Syed Mohammad Ali While sensationalist rankings such as the one by the Thomson Reuters Foundation — which listed Pakistan as the third most dangerous place for women in the world a couple of years ago — are easily dismissible, it is harder to refute the fact that the majority of women in our country […]

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