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Snapshots of a vanishing city

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KARACHI: With towering new buildings and shopping malls springing up around Karachi, one can be forgiven for forgetting that Karachi is actually 150 years old. Historians have repeatedly contended that Karachi, which was previously known as Kolachi, is older than we think it is. However, as far the condition of buildings in the metropolis is […]

Photojournalist escapes death by a few millimeters

KARACHI: Had the bullet not spared Asif Hassan’s heart by a few millimetres, his photojournalism career spanning 16 years would have to come to an end and his young daughter would have been left without a father. According to the International Federation of Journalists, Pakistan was the most dangerous country for journalists in 2014 with […]

Investing in South Asia: Students, teachers learn photojournalism

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: In an effort to strengthen transnational relations between South Asian countries, a regional workshop and photo exhibition was held on Wednesday, marking the end of a-year-long collaborative project called, ‘iEARN Photojournalism 2.0- Images of Social Change between Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tajikistan’. The event was hosted by iEARN Pakistan, as part of a four-day conference […]