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The simple life: Huma Mulji brings out the ordinary in an extraordinary way

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KARACHI: A walk around Huma Mulji’s exhibition titled, ‘The Country of Last Things’ reminds the viewers of the ordinary yet extraordinary lives around us. By and large, the show depicts the lives of sanitary workers, military men’s servants commonly known as ‘batmen’, and the son of a popular baker in Lahore, Karamatuallah. The show is […]

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A photographic tour de Pakistan

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KARACHI: It is not the first time that a photographer has exhibited the ethereal beauty and rich culture of Pakistan. Photographer Muhammad Rehan Khan’s collection ‘My Pakistan’ depicting the four provinces of Pakistan, showcased at the Sadequain Art Gallery, Frere Hall, has reportedly achieved a record of visitors far and wide. Held in the memory […]

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Lyari Films & Photography School inaugurated

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Aims to portray historically rich, healthy and positive image of Liyari’s culture, folk, literature, games and history through fine arts and media education, Co-ordinator to Chief Minister Sindh for Human Rights, NadyaGabol inaugurated first of its kind in the area “The Lyari Films & Photography School”. The school was established by some art lover students […]

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Yearbook of photographers’ work launched

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ISLAMABAD: The Photographic Art Society of Pakistan in collaboration with Lok Virsa launched Yearbook 2015 that highlights the efforts of talented photographers. The yearbook showcases the impressions of more than 100 photographers to underscore their creativity and skill. Through the book, the society has tried to promote not only the art of photography but also […]

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Painting out historical distortions

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Karachi: Photography can be viewed as presenting what appears to be truth. This moment, frozen in time and recorded on film and paper, presents many challenges. By its very nature, this framed image is problematic. It can be bearer of great untruths by elimination what is outside the frame. Can viewers ever be certain they […]

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Capturing fleeting moments: Artists use photo essays to leave imprints on people’s memories

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KARACHI: Two senior photographers and four novices came together for an exhibition, One Shot, being held at the VM Art Gallery to showcase a lesser-known form of photography – photo essays. The event, which opened on Monday, is one of the two photography shows which are held at the VM Art Gallery every year, said […]

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‘Beauty of Imagination’ attracts art lovers

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ISLAMABAD: A photographic exhibition, depicting the glory of sunset by a new artist, Mona Fazal, was held at Rawalpindi Arts Council on Wednesday. The exhibition, titled ‘Beauty of Imagination’, classified into two sections – fantasy and reality. It was inaugurated by National Assembly member Tahira Aurangzeb, who was flanked by Naheed Manzoor and RAC Resident […]

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The profound power of the lens

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Conventionally speaking, a major difference between a painting and a photograph is that while the latter can be embellished with colours, applying special techniques to give it a special effect and improvise on the subject, a photograph just registers what is in front of the lens, just the way it is. The photographic image has […]

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Photography book launched

Maleeha Hamid Siddiqui KARACHI: The adage that behind every successful man is a woman, held true on Saturday evening at the IVS Gallery where photographer Arif Mahmood launched a collection of visuals titled ‘Philosophy’, the first of a quartet series. Acknowledging his wife Aesha, Mahmood said it was she who had given him the idea […]

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