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When cinema was king

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There was a time not so very long ago, when there was no television and family members huddled around radio sets to listen to their favorite programs. It was also a time that people in search of entertainment made a beeline for cinema halls – for this was indeed the Golden Era of Pakistani Films. […]

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Auditions to accompany film festival

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KARACHI: Although still in its infancy, the Sindh International Film Festival has got its guests excited. One of them is the face of independent cinema in India, film director Onir, who is attending the festival as one of its official guests and as a member of its jury. “For me the most exiting part is […]

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Film industry back in court battle

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LAHORE: Uncertainty rose on Friday in the wake of a court intervention, even after the Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association and the Pakistan Film Producers Association had cleared many of the pending issues concerning legality of Indian films. The issue began several weeks ago when Mubashir Lucman filed a petition declaring the Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO) […]

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Hindi films should be blocked in Pakistan

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The case in Pakistan regarding the continued certification and commercial screening of films produced in the Indian Union territory has been settled. Mubashar Lucman, the Film Producers Association and the Cinema Owners Association have come to an agreement that would allow for the equal sharing of screening time between films made locally and those imported […]

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100 years of cinema and a series of ‘firsts’

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: An exhibition of posters followed by a symposium to celebrated music through 100 years of cinema, organised by Amateurs’ Melodies Group and the Progressive Writers Association, was held at the Manzar Akbar Hall of Arts Council Karachi on Wednesday evening. The posters, culled from different sources, were put in a manner that they highlighted […]

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Cinema tries to regenerate itself

Pakistan Press Foundation

Pakistani cinema has undergone perhaps what looks like a renaissance over the past few years, although the process is painfully slow. The ‘golden days’ of the industry, as many still recall, surely brought forward many eminent names over the years, Nadeem Baig, Waheed Murad, Noor Jehan, Shamim Ara to name a few but it was […]

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Pakistani cinema’s new unconventional approach

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Sir: Pakistani cinema has undergone an extreme transformation over the past decade. The golden days of the industry, as many still recall, surely brought forward many eminent names over the years — Nadeem Baig, Waheed Murad, Noor Jehan and Shamim Ara to name a few — but they were also followed by the decline of […]

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Revival of Pakistani cinema

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Sir: It is a truth widely acknowledged that the once-thriving Pakistani film industry is now dead. The reasons behind this slow demise include the introduction of in-home entertainment, cable television, market competition from Bollywood and, finally, the Islamisation drive by General Ziaul Haq. The industry, which once boasted more than 700 cinemas, now has just […]

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Geo Films ‘Tarang House Full Show’ enthrals audience

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KARACHI: Magnificent performances of film, television and stage stars enthralled the audience and viewers in the colourful ceremony ‘Tarang House Full’ in Karachi. This was a joint production of Geo Films and Tarang which was attended by hundreds of people besides several Pakistani superstars whose presence made the event very interesting and attractive. Ultimately, the […]

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