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In theatre—Slaver: Aaj Ki Taza Qabr/Khabar—dead men tell tales

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KARACHI: The third presentation of the Napa — I am Karachi Theatre Series, Slaver: Aaj Ki Taza Qabr/Khabar, held at the PACC on Thursday, had the makings of a superior dramatisation. With supernatural elements woven into the corroding social fabric of a city in despair, the play unfortunately fell through on many fronts. It begins […]

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I am Karachi Theatre Series: Madya not Medya—media through the lens of satire

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KARACHI: Improvisational theatre was the offering at the second day of the Napa-I am Karachi Theatre and Music Series. Presented by the theatrical group Zahrss, the play called Madya not Medya, depicted, through satire, what is shown in the media, and the manner in which it controls the trajectory of our thoughts, views and opinions. […]

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