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When Pakistan’s largest news channel becomes the news

Pakistan Press Foundation

Today, Pakistan’s most watched news channel, Geo News, was ordered off the air and fined by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). Earlier this week, CPJ documented an attack on Zafar Aheer, an editor of the Urdu-language Daily Jang, by six masked men–the latest in a series of attacks, threats, and acts of intimidation […]

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Daily Jang’s vehicle set on fire in Rawalpindi

Pakistan Press Foundation

RAWALPINDI: The anti-Jang Group people attacking the group through different means this time torched a delivery vehicle of the Daily Jang loaded with Friday’s religious edition, after kidnapping and torturing the driver of the vehicle, in the wee hours of Friday. The driver was shifted to the Holy Family Hospital after the “well-known captors” threw […]

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