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The political economy of extremism

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For some people, identities forged through extremist viewpoints have always been fringe ones. The US war on terror, however, has turned extremist tendencies into global currency. Though not limited to any one country, this reevaluation carries larger implications for Pakistan than for any other country. One manifestation of this phenomenon is the emerging lot of […]

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PEMRA hires Swiss consultant for initiation of DTH licensing

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a Letter of Intent (LoI) to hire M/s Digital Strategy Consulting Services, Switzerland for initiation of Direct to Home (DTH) licensing in Pakistan. PEMRA in its advertisement issued in leading newspapers dated October 30, 2014 had solicited proposals from international consultant/firms/companies to hire a suitable […]

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Newsroom monopoly’s over; it’s the era of new media

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Karachi: Julien Le Bot, a French digital journalist, believes that it is time for classic newsrooms to accept that the “new media” are changing the dynamics of news delivery and this is why the monopoly of the former is reducing day by day, not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world. […]

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Mobile phone penetration showing 10.3pc healthy growth

by Parvez Jabri ISLAMABAD: Sindh province is on top with 84 percent mobile phone penetration followed by Punjab where such penetration touched 68.1 percent mark till 2012. Other provinces have less than 50 percent penetration i.e. Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK) 42.2 percent and Balochistan 45.9 percent. The government and regulator Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have been […]

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‘Evil Mobile Software’: Spoof message software could be dangerous

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By Asad Kharal The new system, dubbed “Evil Mobile Software”, allows people to send text messages from any mobile number. LAHORE: The message says you still have a chance to win Rs50,000 an hour as long as you respond “WIN” to 5555. It is signed by a major cellular service provider but comes from an […]

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Two-day South Asia Media Summit begins today

Role of media in problem solving to be highlighted; speakers to point out different aspects of creative writing; event being organised by APNS ISLAMABAD: The two-day South Asian Media Summit will be held at the Pak-China Friendship Building here on Wednesday (today).The summit has been organized by the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS). The summit […]

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‘pk’ domain under threat: PKNIC remains at risk of cyber attacks

KARACHI: Hacked twice in the last three months, PKNIC – a shared registry system that manages the .pk domain name space (DNS) for Pakistani websites – remains vulnerable to basic-level cyber attacks. Though the company has thwarted the recent attack, it is still investigating the security breach. PKNIC, which hosts 23,000 users of the .pk […]

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Standard Chartered launches social media competition

Standard Chartered Bank launched a regional social media competition where fans stand a chance to win a limited edition signed Liverpool Football Club (LFC) shirt. The LFC shirt will have the ‘Seeing is believing’ logo instead of the Standard Chartered logo to raise awareness about the Bank’s global initiative to raise US $100 million by […]

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Internet addiction

By: Dr Rabia Akhtar Our youth is facing a multitude of challenges in the present era. Internet addiction, excessive social networking and online relationships are a few. These things sneak up on them in a very subtle manner until they become the primary focus of their lives. They neglect their school, career and family members. […]

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Book charm and Internet

By: HAMAYUN ZAKI HUNZAI I USED to believe that the Internet has replaced books and now one needs to go to a library and waste his time while searching for a bit of information. Instead one needs the Internet to search for information. But thanks to one of my teachers who, with his strong arguments, […]

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PTI’s Insaf TV creates online presence

By: Gibran Ashraf KARACHI: Lacking resources to compete in the escalating “media war” in an election year, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has turned to the Internet and launched a web television channel called Insaf TV, to combat the blackout they face on prime time airwaves. “The PTI is often blacked out in the mainstream media,” […]

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Social media to bring socioeconomic uplift

LAHORE: Social media can play a vital role in socioeconomic uplift and image building of the country as voices heard in the virtual space come from different nooks and corners of Pakistan. This was the crux of the first-ever international Urdu Bloggers Conference 2013, which was organised by the Asian Canadian Journalists Association (ACJA), held […]

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Karachi University website gets 90m hits in a year

KARACHI: The official website of the University of Karachi set a record of most visited university website in the country with 90 million hits in the year 2012.The data transfer volume recorded during the year stood at a mammoth 3-TB (3100 GB). The busiest month was December 2012, during which 16 million hits were recorded […]

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‘A newspaper without strong online presence will die out’

By: Sidrah Roghay Earl J Wilkinson says youngsters today expect ‘news to walk to them’; unless a news story is trending on social media they refuse to read it Back when Earl J Wilkinson was a journalist, he did not care about money. But the recession that hit the United States of America in 2008 […]

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