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Napa art festival begins on 21st

KARACHI: The National Academy of Performing Arts’ second art festival will be held from March 21 to April 9 at the academy’s auditorium. This was announced by artistic director of the Napa Repertory Theatre Zain Ahmed at a press conference on Thursday. Mr Ahmed said last year’s festival spanned 11 days whereas the second edition […]

NAPA’s Mantorama to feature in Asia’s biggest theatre festival

By: Rafay Mahmood KARACHI: In a place like Pakistan, where appreciation for art is a niche idea and something like theatre is an even bigger novelty, having a culturally similar and artistically proactive neighbour like India always comes in handy. While our cinema industry is run by Bollywood films, it is theatre festivals like the […]

I don’t know how I came from Bahawalpur to NAPA

By: Rafay Mahmood KARACHI: The rising star Saqib Sumeer was told that he wasn’t handsome enough to be on television. After three years of training under veteran actor Zia Moheyeddin, he was shattered to find out that TV — the only flourishing industry he had hoped to be a part of — rejected him. Disappointed, […]