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Geo’s Dr Amir enthralls audience with inspiring discussion

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KARACHI: The series of search for the Shab-e-Qadr in last phase of Ramazan continued on the 29th Ramazan on behalf of the Ummah. Geo has presented special transmission of Aman Ramazan to make this odd night (Taq Raat) beautiful and splendid. The audience and the viewers listened the inspiring discussion of host Dr Amir Liaquat […]

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Geo prepares the best set to welcome Holy Ramazan

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RAWALPINDI: All the charms and enjoyment of life are subject to peace and law and order. This is a blessing for which the citizens have been yearning and praying for its revival. Against this background, Geo Network is taking the lead in launching “Aman Ramazan”, the biggest and most unique transmission on the auspicious occasion […]

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