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Labyrinth of Reflections launched

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KARACHI: While writers’ efforts can get translated to reach a wider audience, visual artists have to speak in a language understood all over the world, said Rashid Rana at the launch of ‘Labyrinth of Reflections – the Art of Rashid Rana 1992-2012’ at the Mohatta Palace Museum on Tuesday evening. In that context, Mr Rana […]

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History of Sufism in Sindh discussed

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KARACHI: An enlightening lecture on ‘Sufism in Sindh’ was delivered by eminent scholar Prof Dr Michel Boivin at the Mohatta Palace Museum on Tuesday evening. The talk was organised by the Endowment Fund Trust and the Mohatta Palace Museum. Dr Boivin stated at the outset that he was a historian by training. His talk was […]

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Labyrinth of reflections opens at Mohatta Palace

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KARACHI: The much awaited and highly anticipated exhibition ‘Labyrinth of reflections: the art of Rashid Rana 1992 – 2012’ opened at the Mohatta Palace Museum on Sunday. Expected to run for 12 months, ‘Labyrinth of reflections’ showcases Rana’s works from the past two decades, his growth as a painter in the early days to becoming […]

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