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Guidelines to protect minorities

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Though the entire nation is victim of the rising tide of religious extremism in Pakistan the worst sufferers are the minorities. Their places of worship are being ransacked; their men are being lynched on streets and their women converted and married. Not that there is not enough of law on the country’s statute book for […]

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Protecting Minorities

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One way to judge the character of a people is by observing its majority’s behaviour towards minorities. A country which fails to safeguard the basic rights of its religious minorities cannot claim to be civilised. In Pakistan, attacks on members of the minority communities and their places of worship occur frequently, and go unpunished just […]

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Attack on temple in Hyderabad protested

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HYDERABAD: A large number of people belonging to the Hindu minority gathered outside the damaged ‘Hanuman Temple’ along with members of the civil society and human rights activists to condemn the incident, occurred on Friday, in which some miscreants had damaged the Hanuman Murti and tried to set it on fire. A large number of […]

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Minorities’ rights: Top court takes notice of threats to Kalash

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ISLAMABAD: A three-judge bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani on Thursday took suo motu notice of news reports that the Taliban have warned members of the indigenous Kalash community to convert to Islam or face death. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government revealed before the Supreme Court that the nearly 3,500 inhabitants […]

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Islam protects minorities’ rights

FAISALABAD: Islam provides a role model and ideal rules to ensure the rights of minorities that needs to be implemented in letter and spirits with the promoting of interfaith harmony in the society. This was stated by GCUF Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussian while addressing a function arranged by CSC in connection with the Christmas. […]

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