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PTI chief Imran terms TV anchors a saleable commodity

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ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday alleged that some TV anchors, who gave wrong figures about the strength of his sit-in, were a saleable commodity. He told his supporters here that certain TV anchors, who took money, wrongly claimed that a few thousand people had attended the PTI sit-in. “Whether the supporters are a […]

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Abida asks media to be rational on national interest

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LAHORE: Known politician Syeda Abida Hussain stressed upon media to be responsible in highlighting issues of national interest. Addressing a ceremony as the chief guest at Tech Club here on Sunday, Abida indirectly criticised the crisis between a private TV channel and ISI. Talking in background of murder attempt on senior journalist and anchorperson Hamid […]

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The role of media in disaster management

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IN the wake of sufferings caused by natural and man-made disasters in the last couple of decades, a new realisation is taking place in the contemporary world. There prevails a general comprehension to minimise the losses both to life and property to a maximum possible level through effective communication, utilising technology-based systems. Social scientists and […]

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How the media should cover cases of rape

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She has been brutally raped, with visible marks of physical injuries. Her mental state, trauma and the psychological impact of this agonising incident are yet to be assessed. Her name is all over the media, her face splashed, her parents interviewed and by now everyone who watches 24/7 news channels knows the minutest details of […]

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Media on the take?

By M Ziauddin Corruption is regarded by most Pakistanis as one of the major stumbling blocks in the way of the country’s progress and prosperity. The media has vociferously articulated this notion, and more often than not, led anti-corruption campaigns from the front by naming and shaming people, especially public figures known for their appetite […]

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