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پاکستانی صحافیوں کے لئےتحقیقاتی صحافتی فیلوشپس

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درخواستوں کی وصولی کے لئے دوسرا اعلان آخری تاریخ 20 اگست 2017ء پاکستان پریس فاؤنڈیشن (پی پی ایف) کی جانب سے فیلوشپ برائے تحقیقاتی رپورٹنگ کےلئے درخواستیں موصول کی جارہی ہیں۔ فیلوشپس کے لئے درخواستوں کی موصولی “پاکستان میں تحقیقاتی صحافت میں معاونت” کے پراجیکٹ کا حصہ ہیں جس کا مقصد تحقیقاتی صحافت کو فروغ […]

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Investigative Journalism Fellowships for Pakistani Journalists

Pakistan Press Foundation

Second Call for Applications Closing Date August 20, 2017 Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF), in collaboration with Netherlands-based Free Press Unlimited, seeks applications for fellowships on investigative journalism. The call for applications is part of the “Supporting Investigative Journalism in Pakistan” project, which aims to promote investigative journalism by providing support to media professionals focusing on […]

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Media personnel trained on gender sensitive reporting

Pakistan Press Foundation

Karachi: As more and more women continue to make their mark in various professional fields world over, efforts to redefine the way working women are perceived by conservative societies were yet to be given due attention. Attempting to address the issue, the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) in collaboration with the Freedom Network – […]

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Complaints commission for electronic media likely

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ISLAMABAD: The proposed Media Complaints Commission (MCC) — an initiative of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif aimed at removing ambiguities from the code of conduct for media houses — seems like it may become an electronic media-centric body. According to official records available with Dawn, representatives of the print media, who were invited to the first […]

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Pemra should be under parliament instead of executive

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage on Wednesday decided to form a task force, comprising legal experts to review 64 laws related to the media in the country. With reference to the recommendations by the Media Commission, appointed by the Supreme Court in 2013, the Standing Committee agreed to […]

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Year of the cinema: Back in business

Pakistan Press Foundation

In a twist of fate, after the unfortunate arson of movie theatres in 2012, 2013 proved to be the year of development for them. In the last twelve months, 20 new screens have been set up, multiplying revenue possibilities for film producers, distributors and exhibitors more than ever before. This newfound success has given a […]

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For journalists, tackling sources and safety are key

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: A source should not set the agenda of a story, a journalist should. This was observed at a talk held on ‘The Realities of Reporting in Pakistan’ at The Second Floor on Saturday. The panelists comprised veteran print and broadcast journalists, including The News business reporter Hina Mahgul Rind, Dawn newspaper crime reporter Imtiaz […]

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Journalists to be trained for blogging

Pakistan Press Foundation

PESHAWAR: To use modern techniques of disseminating information and get a feedback from general readers and authorities concerned, a training workshop for working journalists and bloggers held in Peshawar. The training workshop was arranged by the Individual-land Pakistan, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in collaboration with another organisation National Endowment for Democracy (NED) on the concept […]

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Talent recognition: Journalism awards next week

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: The country’s only acknowledgement of journalists, “Agahi Awards 2013”, will take place on September 21 in the capital at a ceremony organised by Mishal Pakistan, a communication consultancy firm. The awards will be celebrated in collaboration with leading press clubs across the country, local and international media development bodies, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders, […]

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The prize of prizes

Pakistan Press Foundation

EVERY industry must be permitted the luxury of self-congratulation, particularly if no one else is too eager to do the honours. The foundations of this modern excess were laid in the little town of Hollywood, created in the late 19th century by an eccentric millionaire determined to nurture the ideals of abstinence. Look where good […]

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Protest against murder of Abbas Jalbani’s son

Pakistan Press Foundation

KARACHI: A protest demonstration was held in front of the Karachi Press Club on Sunday against the murder in Thatta of Rafique Jalbani, the son of senior journalist Abbas Jalbani. Protesters belonging to the Progressive Youth Front called for arrest of main suspects nominated in the FIR of the case and provision of shelter to […]

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Changing times for TV industry

Pakistan Press Foundation

Tahseen Shaukat Television industry in the Indian Sub-continent and Saarc region witnessed a phenomenal growth during the last decade. While Pakistan saw an overwhelming rise of privately-owned news and entertainment-based TV channels, the slightly older and developed Indian television market embarked upon developing advanced distribution systems in the form of addressable cable television and Direct […]

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Elections improved image of Pakistan abroad, moot told

Pakistan Press Foundation

Karachi: Despite many shortcomings the role of general elections 2013 in furthering the process of democracy in Pakistan is widely accepted, besides completion of the five-year tenure of previous democratic government and holding elections successfully and peacefully to elect the coming administration has improved the image of Pakistan at global level, said speakers of a […]

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KU Education TV to offer 16,000 courses

Pakistan Press Foundation

SYED JAFAR ASKARI KARACHI – International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), Karachi University and PI Pakistan on Thursday inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch a internet and cable-based “Free Education TV” at Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center, Karachi University. It will offer 16,000 educational courses of different levels from […]

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