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The limits of freedom

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It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all others that have been tried — Winston Churchill. I feel the same about the market economy. But when the two function side by side, the combination becomes too deadly for even the most modern and the most sophisticated societies. Corruption becomes […]

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Need for sanity

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The judicial commission comprising three Supreme Court judges set up by the government to probe the attack on Hamid Mir has started its work. Meanwhile, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) comprising representatives from the ISI, the MI, the IB and other related intelligence agencies has also launched efforts to uncover the hand behind the attack. […]

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A sad spectacle

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“… when Taliban gunmen killed nine people at the Serena Hotel, among them a member of the Kabul press corps, Sardar Ahmad, along with his wife and two of their young children… (the) attack shocked journalists here and they issued a collective statement saying they would boycott coverage of all Taliban statements and news releases […]

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