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Journalist threatened to leave Karachi

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ISLAMABAD: Faced with threats from the law enforcement agencies, Karachi-based journalist Ali Chishti has been forced to move to the federal capital after being threatened by the Karachi police to leave the city. “Why am I so sure that they were police personnel? Because they had official weapons, official mobiles, and even the way they […]

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Who is taking on journalists?

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ISLAMABAD: With Karachi often described as a mafia city, it is increasingly becoming hostile towards journalists who are being forced into silence and compelled to flee the city. Infact, two journalists have had to leave their hometown within the last month. Although writing a report about parties harbouring militant wings is not possible for a […]

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Judicial inquiry into journalist’s abduction demanded

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PESHAWAR: The media watchdog organisation Freedom Network (FN) has demanded a judicial inquiry into reports that men in police uniforms kidnapped, tortured and detained investigative journalist Ali K Chishti. “What Chishti has described is shocking that the Karachi police could kidnap a journalist to deliver him to the Boss,” FN said. Ali Chishti, who writes […]

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Journalist receives life threats

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ISLAMABAD: A journalist is receiving life threats and obnoxious messages on his mobile phone from some unknown persons while police are doing nothing to protect him. Israr Ahmed, crime reporter of an English national daily, has been given life threats by some unknown persons on his cell number for many days. He has lodged a […]

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Life threats force media men to go into hiding

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PESHAWAR – Peshawar based Afghan journalist Pir Rahamdil Shah disappeared in the wake of frequent threats to anonymous telephonic calls and letters from unknown persons. A son of Pir Rahamdil Shah told journalists that his father became target of militants when he had assisted a journalist from Jalalabad a couple of years back. After getting […]

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