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Media manoeuvring

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As soon as the law-enforcement agencies formally launched the Karachi operation this year, the electronic media somehow became a sort of hot battleground between MQM and anti-MQM quarters in the country. Both sides have readily chosen to resort to the media to formulate their respective narratives on the current situation in the city of Karachi. […]

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Pakistan urged to revoke suspension of rights in Islamabad

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Pakistan’s government should rescind the suspension of fundamental rights and the grant of military authority for law enforcement in Islamabad, Human Rights Watch said on August 8, 2014. Powers given to the military risk misuse in the face of ongoing large-scale political protests. “Pakistan faces very real threats of terrorism, but giving unbridled powers to […]

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‘Using social media can minimise discrimination against minorities’

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KARACHI: Even Indonesia’s pluralistic society seen worldwide as a model of an ideal Muslim democratic society is not immune to discrimination against religious minorities and has been observed more ever since Indonesia transitioned from Suharto’s authoritarian regime to democratic set-ups. These views were expressed by Ihsan Ali Fauzi of the Centre for the Study of […]

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