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Delhi’s masters of Urdu poetry remembered at book launch

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KARACHI: Saif Mahm­ood is not just a poetry and literary critic but a prominent Indian lawyer — an advocate of the Supreme Court of India — who loves the Urdu language. His book Beloved Delhi — A Mughal City and Her Greatest Poets was launched in Karachi in a session that was held at The […]

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With a handful of subbers,two newspapers barely keeping Gujarati alive in Karachi

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Karachi: Mahmood Hussain, in his late 60s and a trader at Karachi’s Paper Market, is a regular reader of the city’s remaining two Gujarati newspapers – Vatan and Millat. “My wife and I have been reading these newspapers since we were young. These newspapers are part of our Gujarati culture and have kept our language […]

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Social media can be a boon for Punjabi promotion

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LAHORE: Punjabi writers, poets and scholars have been exhorted to use the social media for promoting the Punjabi language in the wake of government’s apathy towards the cause. “Intellectuals, scholars, poets and writers present should make effective use of social media for popularisation of the Punjabi language by posting English translations of contemporary Punjabi writings […]

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